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IKEA Besta mid century modern cabinet hack

Ikea Besta Hack Mid century modern cabinet DIY idea for living room with astorp lamp stand and dark grey walls

I am so proud of this project. I really wanted to create a mid-century modern feel in my apartment, but my current furniture was very contemporary and not at all MCM. I had a lot of boring white pieces from IKEA and a limited budget. I browsed through hundreds of MCM homes and what most of them had in common were gorgeous wooden cabinets. Nothing affordable was available, and I was so sad. Then I realized that the two IKEA BESTA shelf units that I had were similar in shape but not in color to the ones I was looking. And with a really small investment I created a mid-century modern cabinet that fits perfectly in my living room.

Ikea besta white shelf unit

+ fiberboard (for the sliding doors)
+ metal legs
+ a piece of plywood (for the platform)
+ faux wood grain contact paper
+ plastic rails
+ nails
+ screws

I was torn between these two styles of paper, and decided for the bottom one. It had nicer texture and color. The plastic rails were really easy to instal. I just nailed them on the inside of the cabinets.

faux wood grain contact paper and plastic rails

I just love the texture, it really looks like real wood.

Besta with faux wood grain brown contact paper - Besta Hack

The metal legs were screwed on a piece of plywood which was then used as a platform for the two shelf units.

Mid century modern cabinet made from Ikea Besta shelf unit in living room with dark walls

I am so happy with the final result. The brown and white on the cabinet goes so well with the dark grey wall. I just love it.

Mid century modern cabinet in dark wall living room hack from Ikea Besta shelf unit with astorp lamp stand

lamp stand: Ikea Astorp ; lamp shade: Ikea Jara ; cabinets: Ikea Besta ;

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34 Responses to IKEA Besta mid century modern cabinet hack

  1. Love this! Can you tell me where you got the metal legs?

    1. These look similar:

  2. Gorgeous. Where did you get the wood grain stencils? I am staring at two samples from Panyl, trying to decide which to put on a Besta media storage cabinet, but I like the medium brown color of yours, and the wood grain is really realistic.

    1. I don't think they are stencils, I believe it is contact paper which you can find at craft/hobby stores or easily online. Check out Amazon:

  3. Nice job! Thanks, I was debating the Besta but really wanted sliding doors like this and an oak finish. It never occured to me to make my own!

  4. Hello! I'm also curious about the metal legs. Where are they from? I would so appreciate knowing.

  5. Hi,
    thank you for your comments, and sorry for the late reply. The legs were bought at a local hardware store, they are sold as legs for kitchen cabinets.

  6. I love what you did here! which brand of contact paper did you use?

  7. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share the dimensions you used for the sliding doors. I'd kill for this look in my living room, but I am just not handy enough to work it out on my own!!

    1. hi,
      the size of each panel is 34,5 cm x 41,3cm.

  8. Hi! Which size is your IKEA lamp screen? 45 cm or 55 cm? :)

  9. Thank you so much for posting this! It's one of the best Ikea hacks I've ever seen and I'm excited to start making my own. Can you please tell us the approximate dimensions of the supporting plywood base? That's the part I know I'll mess up. Thanks again!

  10. Which brand of contact paper?

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  12. Hi.
    What's the brand/style of contact paper?

  13. Awesome hack! Where did you buy the plastic rails? I'm having a hard time finding them. Thanks!

    1. I found some on Amazon:

  14. I'd love to know which rails you used for the sliding doors. Can you provide a link? Thanks!

    1. Me as well! We went to our local Lowes and found nothing!

  15. I really love this.
    But Im little curious..
    isn't it harhard to put things in and out? Since the doors are wide.

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    Many thanks!

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  19. Hi Petite Apartment!
    I really love this project! What a genius idea, and the faux wood grain looks so gorgeous!
    I just have a couple of questions....
    1. Are you using the deeper Besta shelf, which is roughly 15inch deep?
    2. I assume you had to remove the lower shelf in order to put in the doors, right?
    3. Where did you get your plastic rails from and which thickness of plywood do they fit?
    4. Where did you get that gorgeous faux wood grain paper AND your metal legs from??
    5. Did you cut fiberboard about the same size as the 2 Besta shelves and just mount it on the bottom of the shelves to connect them both?

    Thanks so much for your help!

  20. Does anyone know what brand of contact paper was used, please???

  21. Hi,
    I am a German independent journalist and would like to mention your idea on the IKEA blog "hej". Could you kindly contact me:
    Many thanks in advance!
    All the best from Berlin,

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. PLEASE, where did you get the awesome contact paper??? I am dying to know!

  24. thanks for this post, would you share the contact paper vendor? thanks again

  25. Hello!

    How much did this project cost all together?

  26. WHERE did you get that contact paper!! I am searching through amazon and I cant find anything like that!

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