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Finished: mid century modern chair restoration

mid century modern chair and cabinet in the living room with black dark grey walls apartment inspiration ikea besta gislev

Here it is. That old mid-century modern chair that I was writing about a few days ago is finished. I am not a professional (obviously) so it could probably be a lot better, but I am so happy with the final result. It just fits perfectly in the living room.

This is how it used to look.

mid century modern old chair  

This is how it looked in the process.

mid century modern wooden chair restoration

And this is the final result.

dark grey black wall living room with mid century modern furniture chair and besta ikea cabinet modern apartment interior

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My black wall bedroom

Dark black grey wall bedroom with grey curtains and alina ikea bedspread monochrome modern decor

This is how my bedroom looks at the moment. I love the dark grey, black walls, love the artwork, love the grey curtains (IKEA RITVA) well I love the color scheme. But I am not sure about the style of the furniture.
I loved this room when I finished it, I still do, but since then, the rest of my apartment has gone a bit mid-century modern. I still think it's pretty, but I am not sure that it fits the rest of the apartmen.

I am not going to change it just yet, but for now I am thinking about it. What do you think what should I do.

bedroom with black dark grey walls and white and grey ikea furniture modern monochrome interior decor

curtains: ikea ritva / office table: ikea hemnes dressing table with the mirror removed / bedspread ikea alina / cabinet: ikea edland

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Mid-century modern chair restoration

mid century modern wooden chair restoration

I love the style of this chair. I love it cos it's old and it would look amazing in my living room. What I hate about it is the fabric and the color of the fabric. So I throw pretty much everything that was not wood. The fabric, the filling (which was awful) everything... Now I am left with the bare structure. Will update you in a few days with the final result.

mid century modern chair restoration

mid century modern wooden chair restoration bare structure

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Simple decorating with wooden cubes

mid cencutry modern organic cabinet with simple decor living room inspiration

When I saw these simple wooden blocks at my local craft store I knew I wanted them, but just wasn't sure what I was going to do with them.

wooden cubes blocks

When I brought them home and put them on my cabinet I realized that I really like how they look. Simply stacked on each other. This is probably the easiest DIY project ever :) For the moment I am going to leave them like this. But I am planing on painting them, and doing something more exciting.

simple organic modern home decor diy wooden cubes

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Dark grey wall in the living room

mid century modern living room with grey strandmon sofa and dark grey black wall - Petite Apartment

I decided that the wall behind the sofa needs a new color. I painted it the same dark grey, almost black color that I already have on the opposite wall. I love the way it turned out.

strandmon grey ikea sofa in living room
painting wall in black dark grey color
dark grey black living room with grey ikea strandmon sofa mid century modern

grey strandmon ikea sofa in living room with black grey walls mid century modern inspiration

mid century modern living room with grey strandmon sofa wooden table and dark grey black wall with star trek poster  inspiration

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IKEA Besta mid century modern cabinet hack

Ikea Besta Hack Mid century modern cabinet DIY idea for living room with astorp lamp stand and dark grey walls

I am so proud of this project. I really wanted to create a mid-century modern feel in my apartment, but my current furniture was very contemporary and not at all MCM. I had a lot of boring white pieces from IKEA and a limited budget. I browsed through hundreds of MCM homes and what most of them had in common were gorgeous wooden cabinets. Nothing affordable was available, and I was so sad. Then I realized that the two IKEA BESTA shelf units that I had were similar in shape but not in color to the ones I was looking. And with a really small investment I created a mid-century modern cabinet that fits perfectly in my living room.

Ikea besta white shelf unit

+ fiberboard (for the sliding doors)
+ metal legs
+ a piece of plywood (for the platform)
+ faux wood grain contact paper
+ plastic rails
+ nails
+ screws

I was torn between these two styles of paper, and decided for the bottom one. It had nicer texture and color. The plastic rails were really easy to instal. I just nailed them on the inside of the cabinets.

faux wood grain contact paper and plastic rails

I just love the texture, it really looks like real wood.

Besta with faux wood grain brown contact paper - Besta Hack

The metal legs were screwed on a piece of plywood which was then used as a platform for the two shelf units.

Mid century modern cabinet made from Ikea Besta shelf unit in living room with dark walls

I am so happy with the final result. The brown and white on the cabinet goes so well with the dark grey wall. I just love it.

Mid century modern cabinet in dark wall living room hack from Ikea Besta shelf unit with astorp lamp stand

lamp stand: Ikea Astorp ; lamp shade: Ikea Jara ; cabinets: Ikea Besta ;

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My Desk

White work desk and black grey wall - Petite Apartment

My little home office. I painted the wall in a gorgeous dark grey color and it makes this white desk really stand out.

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DIY Faux Wood Grain Mouse Pad

DIY faux wood grain brown mouse pad  - Petite Apartment

I was having trouble with my old mouse. It refused to work on my desk without a mouse pad. And the only mouse pad that I had was a really old ugly bright blue one from years ago. I had some extra contact paper with a beautiful wooden print, so I decided to mix those two together. This is a really easy and cheap way of updating your old mouse pad. If you don`t have an old mouse pad that you could use, you can put contact paper on a piece of cardboard.

For this project you will need:
old mouse pad or a piece of cardboard
faux wood grain contact paper

diy wood grain mouse pad - scissors and contact paper

How to:
put your old mouse pad on the contact paper and trace around it. Cut the paper and tape it on your mouse pad. And that is it :)

diy faux wood grain mouse pad - Petite Apartment

diy faux wood grain mouse pad - white desk and black wall

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New things in the living room - Ikea Strandmon three-seat sofa and Lovbacken side table

Ikea Strandmon Svanby Grey three-seat sofa, Lovbacken side table and Gislev rug

I was so excited when I saw that the beautiful Strandmon wing chair from Ikea was available as a three-seat sofa cos that was exactly what was missing in my living room. I had an old black three-seat couch and it was so depressing. It didnt fit the theme and it was just wrong for this space. Strandmon got me so excited that I decided to start a blog and document the progress in my home. The name of the blog was so easy to chose. Since my apartment is really small I decided to name the blog "Petite Apartment".

Ikea Strandmon grey sofa, grey Gislev rug and Lovbacken side table

So far I am loving this sofa. It is rather small, which is perfect for my tiny apartment and it fits the mid-century modern vibe that I am trying to create in my home. I also bought the Lovbacken side table. I wanted this table for so long and was so happy when it finally arrived.

Ikea Strandmon three seat sofa, Lovbacken side table and Gislev grey rug

(sofa/Ikea Strandmon; side table/Ikea Lovbacken; rug/Ikea Gislev)

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