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DIY Mid Century Molecule Set

diy molecule set home decor mid century modern inspiration ferm living

mid century modern home interior molecule set cactus suculent plants inspiration ikea

I have been obsessing over this molecule set from Ferm for months. It is just so perfect. But the price was less then perfect for me and for my budget, so I decided to create something similar. This project is really simple and really cheap. Check it out.

You will need:
-styrofoam balls
-wooden sticks
-glossy varnish

diy molecule set brushes paint saw styrofoam balls

So this is really simple. Just paint the styrofoam balls with colors of your choice. Let them dry. Then paint them with clear varnish. Again, let them dry.

styrofoam balls for molecule set diy mid century project

Cut the wooden stick. The original Ferm molecule set comes with sticks in two sizes.

And now for the fun part. Assemble your set. Hope you like this simple and affordable project. I think it is a really nice way to bring a bit of retro mid-century vibe to your home.

molecule set home decor mid century modern organic retro ferm living diy project

 century modern home on a budget ikea diy molecule set besta hack cactus plants

lamp shade: IKEA JARA / lamp stand: IKEA ASTORP / cabinets: IKEA BESTA (hack here) / picture frame: IKEA RIBBA /

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My new String wall shelf

String pocket wall shelf retro mid century modern organic furniture ikea brakig colelction inspiration for home

I am so happy to finally have this amazing shelf from String in my home. I wanted it for so long, but I was not sure where to hang it. I finally re-decorated my work space and now it is happily hanging above the desk. And those beautiful little bowls sitting on top of the shelfs are from Ikea Brakig collection. I have to say Brakig is so far the best limited collection that Ikea ever had. Just sayin :)

string metal and wood wall shelf with ikea brakig bowls retro mid century modern danish organic home decor inspiration

(shelf: String; bowls: Ikea Brakig collection, cactus: Ikea)

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Still here

Living Room with grey wall retro mid century modern Ikea furniture

Months just seem to fly and I have no time to take photos of the apartment and put them here. There were some changes and I can't wait to show them to you. Hope there will be some new photos by the end of this week. Talk to you soon!

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Bedroom update

bedroom with dark grey walls with ikea furniture

I was really busy over the past few weeks so there were no new posts. I have decided to redo the bedrom and I am in the process of deciding what is staying and what is going out. For now the one thing that is definitely staying is the bed and the wall color. I will post photos in the next few days.

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Chair dilemma: Eames DSW vs DAW

I already wrote about the fact that I am not too happy with the style of my bedroom. It has too many ornamental pieces of furniture. And the one that I am most unhappy with is the white Ikea Hemmnes vanity witch I use as my office desk. I removed the mirror but the curvy legs are just killing me. So I am planning to do a little hack. I am going to change the legs. But more about that in my next post. So I am not going to buy a new desk, but I am planning on buying a new chair. And the one that I have my heart on is the white Eames plastic chair. It is such a timeless classic. I just don't know which one to get. The DSW or the DAW. Since I am going to use it as a office chair the Daw would be more suitable, but the DSW can fit under my desk. So I am torn. Will let you know witch one I chose.

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