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New things in the living room - Ikea Strandmon three-seat sofa and Lovbacken side table

Ikea Strandmon Svanby Grey three-seat sofa, Lovbacken side table and Gislev rug

I was so excited when I saw that the beautiful Strandmon wing chair from Ikea was available as a three-seat sofa cos that was exactly what was missing in my living room. I had an old black three-seat couch and it was so depressing. It didnt fit the theme and it was just wrong for this space. Strandmon got me so excited that I decided to start a blog and document the progress in my home. The name of the blog was so easy to chose. Since my apartment is really small I decided to name the blog "Petite Apartment".

Ikea Strandmon grey sofa, grey Gislev rug and Lovbacken side table

So far I am loving this sofa. It is rather small, which is perfect for my tiny apartment and it fits the mid-century modern vibe that I am trying to create in my home. I also bought the Lovbacken side table. I wanted this table for so long and was so happy when it finally arrived.

Ikea Strandmon three seat sofa, Lovbacken side table and Gislev grey rug

(sofa/Ikea Strandmon; side table/Ikea Lovbacken; rug/Ikea Gislev)

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16 Responses to New things in the living room - Ikea Strandmon three-seat sofa and Lovbacken side table

  1. It is absolutely fantastic! Got it today to match my wing chair I got this spring :-) I'm so happy! Kate

  2. What are the dimensions please

  3. The sofa complements the entire design pretty well and the side table seems like a great addition. Thanks for posting.

  4. Thanks for sharing, it is just adorable. But is it available at any IKEA. Can't seem to find on the online catalogue? Where did you get?

  5. Same here, I live in France and the couch isn't available, I didn't even know it existed ! I have the chair in my living room and it's soooo confortable, I have to get the couch ! =(

  6. I love the sofa, and what you have done with the room in later posts! I went to the Ikea in Denver today and asked about this sofa - they had never heard of it, and they checked their incoming inventory listed through August and there was no mention of it. I want it so much, you are so lucky! I hope this isn't one of those Ikea items that never makes it to America (I'm not sure what lucky Ikea country you are in.)

  7. I did the same thing today in France, the sellers never heard of it either, they told me that the collections were different from a country to's so unfair :'(

  8. Hello, would you be able to tell me the dimensions of the sofa? It has been discontinued online so I can't find the information. There are a few left in select stores but I need to know it's depth at the widest part before purchasing due to door frames in new house. Thank you!

    1. Width 171 cm, depth 92 cm, high 100 cm. Seat width 150 cm, seat depth 54 cm, seat high 45 cm 

  9. Hello, I like your's apartment style. I wonder where are you from?
    I saw this sofa in Ikea last weekend and I will probably buy it soon, regards from Poland :)

  10. Hi,
    thank you all for your comments. I was away from blogging so sorry for the late response :) I just love the sofa so much. Will post new photos of the living room very soon!

  11. Nice post. It looks comfortable and relaxing with low seating design. Thanks for the post.

  12. Nice post. It looks comfortable and relaxing with a low seating design. Thanks for the post.

  13. Producing quality products can help a company to maintain a strong reputation throughout the years. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Myself and my partner are thinking of buying this for our living room, is it comfortable to sit on/lie on for long periods of time? Thanks in advance



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