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DIY Faux Wood Grain Mouse Pad

DIY faux wood grain brown mouse pad  - Petite Apartment

I was having trouble with my old mouse. It refused to work on my desk without a mouse pad. And the only mouse pad that I had was a really old ugly bright blue one from years ago. I had some extra contact paper with a beautiful wooden print, so I decided to mix those two together. This is a really easy and cheap way of updating your old mouse pad. If you don`t have an old mouse pad that you could use, you can put contact paper on a piece of cardboard.

For this project you will need:
old mouse pad or a piece of cardboard
faux wood grain contact paper

diy wood grain mouse pad - scissors and contact paper

How to:
put your old mouse pad on the contact paper and trace around it. Cut the paper and tape it on your mouse pad. And that is it :)

diy faux wood grain mouse pad - Petite Apartment

diy faux wood grain mouse pad - white desk and black wall

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5 Responses to DIY Faux Wood Grain Mouse Pad

  1. omg best mousepad for csgo ty

  2. You just tape it? How do you tape it without it being noticeable?

    1. contact paper has a removable backing that you peel off and the sticky side can be repositioned and/or removed

  3. What brand and kind of contact paper did you use exactly?



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