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DIY Mid Century Molecule Set

diy molecule set home decor mid century modern inspiration ferm living

mid century modern home interior molecule set cactus suculent plants inspiration ikea

I have been obsessing over this molecule set from Ferm for months. It is just so perfect. But the price was less then perfect for me and for my budget, so I decided to create something similar. This project is really simple and really cheap. Check it out.

You will need:
-styrofoam balls
-wooden sticks
-glossy varnish

diy molecule set brushes paint saw styrofoam balls

So this is really simple. Just paint the styrofoam balls with colors of your choice. Let them dry. Then paint them with clear varnish. Again, let them dry.

styrofoam balls for molecule set diy mid century project

Cut the wooden stick. The original Ferm molecule set comes with sticks in two sizes.

And now for the fun part. Assemble your set. Hope you like this simple and affordable project. I think it is a really nice way to bring a bit of retro mid-century vibe to your home.

molecule set home decor mid century modern organic retro ferm living diy project

 century modern home on a budget ikea diy molecule set besta hack cactus plants

lamp shade: IKEA JARA / lamp stand: IKEA ASTORP / cabinets: IKEA BESTA (hack here) / picture frame: IKEA RIBBA /

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2 Responses to DIY Mid Century Molecule Set

  1. I love the effect this molecule set creates! Not only does it really brighten up the room, but it's super educational too! A great talking point for parties.

  2. I really like your page and your style. Please keep it up and keep the creativity flowing! This is a great website. I LOVE IT!



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